Saturday Team WOD – 071412 – And Paleo Dinner Info


Post WOD Daze

Post WOD Daze

Paleo Dinner: Now that you are all CrossFitters, let’s work on improving our performance in the gym. Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand! Come join us for a Paleo dinner! Bring a paleo side and some meat to grill. If you need ideas or suggestions, don’t hesitate to ask. Callie, our nutritionist, will be doing private nutrition consultations for anyone interested.

When: Saturday, July 21st at 5:00

Where: Our house- 70 Long Plain Road, Mattapoisett

BYOB! (Red wine and Tequila made with 100% agave are considered paleo- try mixing the tequila with lime juice and soda water for a yummy margarita! Beer isn’t paleo- but if you can’t live without it, go for it!)

Paleo Dinner: Whaling City CrossFit will be starting a 30-day Paleo challenge on August 1st. The Paleo dinner will be a great opportunity to get some information on how to attack the Paleo Challenge! More info on the Paleo Challenge coming soon, so stay tuned.

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