Thursday WOD – 071912

Box Jumps

Rx Jump Ropes
For those interested in having their own, custom sized, high quality jump rope, we are going to place an order from RX Jump Ropes. We will be taking length measurements over the next week, and then placing the order by July 25th! They are $34.95 each (plus a few cents each for shipping). There are many color and cable choices available. However, cable weight is the most important choice:

  • Hyper 1.3 – Lightest speed cable around for athletes working 100+ double unders. Requires tremendous wrist dexterity/coordination to maintain movement. Offers the least amount of shoulder fatigue but also the hardest cable to feel if shoulders are already fatigued. Excellent cable when going for max reps of double unders.
  • Ultra 1.8 – Excellent all around speed cable for any athlete working 75-100 consecutive double unders. Requires more wrist dexterity/coordination than heavier cables yet give greater feedback than lighter speed cables. Perfect rope for any max effort or high volume crossfit work out.
  • Elite 2.6 – Fantastic for athletes who are working 20-50 consecutive double unders. Great precursor to gain coordination before moving to lighter speed cables. Also a great all around cable for any crossfit work out.
  • Buff 3.4 – Ideal for athletes who are connecting 10 or less double unders together. Nicely weighted to give great feedback yet offers very smooth turn over. Still a good, all around cable for any mid-volume crossfit wod or as a medium weight training rope.
  • Beast 4.1 – Great for bigger/taller athletes tackling double unders for the first time. Allows users to gain coordination while heavier cable provides the inertia to allow for slower rhythm. Also an excellent heavy training rope if you’re looking for dynamic input.

Upcoming Events:
Sat. July 21st 5pm – Paleo Dinner – Let us know by TOMORROW if you are coming!
Sat. August 4th 9am – 31Heroes – Hurry Up and Register!

Double Unders

Row 1000 meters
25 Double-unders
Row 750 meters
50 Double-unders
Row 500 meters
100 Double-unders

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