Wednesday WOD – 091912


Okay guys, here’s the rundown on how classes are meant to run: Athletes should arrive 5-10 minutes early for scheduled class times and use that time to put your sneakers on, get loose, write in your journals, and be ready to go promptly at class time. (If you cannot arrive early, please wait to write in your journals until after class). Many of you do this very well. If you are late for class, you will miss out on instructions and exercise demonstrations that are necessary for you to perform the WOD safely and efficiently. Also, when athletes are late, it can clog up the flow of class. And when one class runs late, it inevitably causes the next class to run late. We spend alot of time planning each class so that it effectively makes the best use of the hour we have together. Please be thoughtful of your trainers and your fellow athletes and try to arrive on time for class. To discourage lateness, effective immediately, tardiness will result in Burpee penalties. For every minute you are late to class, you must complete 5 burpees before beginning class. Let’s strive to have ZERO burpee penalties!! (If you have a schedule conflict that makes it impossible for you to be on time, please let one of us know).


OTM 20:
3 Power Cleans (bodyweight), even minutes
3 Handstand Pushups, odd minutes