Saturday WOD – 102012



CrossFit Your Friends and Family!
Hey everyone!  We are starting a new promotion today that will run through to Thanksgiving! We are calling it “CrossFit Your Friends and Family!”  All of you who have been CrossFitting with us have hopefully seen the incredible benefits of CrossFit and what and amazing community of people we have here at WCCF. Well, stop hogging all this awesomeness!!  Bring in your Friends and Family to experience WCCF!  Just to make things interesting and provide a little incentive: for every friend/family/co-worker/stranger off the street that you refer to WCCF and SIGNS-UP for a membership, you will receive $25 off your membership for that month!!  Also, you will receive one entry into a raffle. At the end of the promotion, we will randomly draw one entry from the raffle and the winner will earn a FREE month’s membership!

TBA in Class!