Why I CrossFit

If you’ve ever wondered why I CrossFit, and why I have endeavored to teach all of you CrossFit, and why I am the strictest proponent of the Paleo lifestyle, I’ll tell you why. It’s not just because I like having abs for days or flexing in front of the mirror. It’s not for the competition of trying to one up my friends. Ok, so it is partly for all of those reasons, but those are just perks of this lifestyle.

Let me get serious and personal for a minute. I know I try to keep things lighthearted in the gym, because if you are not having fun doing this stuff, then I’m not doing my job. But there is a much more real motivation behind what I do that I want to share with all of you.

11 years ago today, we lost my dad to a heart attack. November 30th, 2001. Callie and I were only 16, and Kyle only 8. He didn’t get to see us grow up. He never got to meet his grandchildren. The American way of life took him away from us too soon. Inactivity and too many carbs. If only he knew then what I know now.

I CrossFit because that’s not going to be me. I am going to be there for my family until I am a crinkly old bastard. I am going to see my kids grow up, and my grand kids grow up.

I teach CrossFit because I want the same for all of you. This CrossFit and Paleo lifestyle is about moving yourself up the health and wellness spectrum; reaching optimum levels of livelihood. It’s not just about surviving, it’s about THRIVING. Being stronger at 65 than most people are at 45. I don’t make you do burpees as torture, I do it because they will make you live longer!

The CrossFit movement is not just the next fad fitness craze. At least not for me. We are in this for the long haul. This is a multi-generational journey. We are building a community of amazing individuals who want more out of life. And this community is so incredible. We push each other to the limit, celebrate each other’s victories, lift each other up from our defeats, and we hold each other accountable. Our blood, sweat and tears have meaning. We do it for ourselves, we do it for each other, we do it for our families. Sure we laugh and have a good time and fool around, but this is not a game, it’s our lives. And if I can help all of you strengthen yourselves, your families, and your community, then I know I will have made my dad proud.