Wednesday WOD – 121912



Holiday Schedule!
Monday, December 24th – 8 and 9am Classes ONLY
Tuesday, December 25th – CLOSED
Wednesday, December 26th – 5:30 and 6:30pm ONLY
Friday, December 28th – 5:30 and 6:30pm Classes ONLY
Saturday, December 29th – 12:30pm Class
Monday, December 31st – 2:30pm class ONLY
Tuesday, January 1st – CLOSED

1. GOAT Practice
Pick one based on biggest weakness and do 3 sets:
A. Handstand Push ups
5 HSPU – rings, elevated, kipping or strict

B. Handstand Walking
10M Handstand Walk

C. Overhead Strength
6 Push Press

2. WOD
8 Rounds, each for time:
Row 500m @85% of max effort
Rest 2 min

The goal is to keep the same pace for each 500.