Thursday WOD – 013113

Whole30 Challenge Great job on Jackie everyone! If you missed the benchmark WOD, please make it up ASAP. Remember, the Whole30 starts on Feb. 4th. Start getting your pantries cleaned out and planning your meals! Hope for Kenya Don’t forget to register for Hope for Kenya fundraiser WOD on Feb. 16th!  If you can’t participate,
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Wednesday WOD – 013013

Whole30 Challenge Got questions about the Whole30 Challenge? We will be having a Paleo challenge seminar TONIGHT at 6pm and 6:30pm. It is not required for participants, but is an opportunity to get your questions answered and get some tips for the challenge. ALSO, We would also like to collect our pre-challenge measurements TODAY. Hope
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Saturday WOD – 012613

Not convinced that you shouldn’t be eating grains? Check out this article from Whole9, which provides a quick, simple explanation of the adverse effects of grains: “The Grain Manifesto”.  From the article: “Note, we are well aware that this information may run counter to everything you’ve ever been told by your parents, doctors, personal trainers,
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Friday WOD – 012513

Reminders Sign up for our Paleo Challenge!! It begins Feb. 4th.  Sign up sheet is in the gym.  Challenge Rules. Register to participate in Hope for Kenya on Feb. 16th! Register here. Listen, guys.  I’m hearing lots of excuses and rationalizations as to why you “can’t” do the challenge.  You are all CrossFitters.  We don’t
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Thursday WOD – 012413 – Hope for Kenya Fundraiser

Hope for Kenya CrossFit has just announced its next fundraiser WOD, “Hope for Kenya” to be held at affiliates around the world on Feb. 16th, 2013. WCCF is very excited to participate in this WOD for an incredible cause. What is Hope for Kenya? CrossFit Inc., is involved and committed to making people’s lives better
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Wednesday WOD – 012313 – What is Rx?

What is Rx? Why is the WOD laughably impossible? Is Erik joking? I’m not joking, and it’s not impossible. Let me explain how Rx works. For each and every workout, we, as coaches, prescribe a level at which we strive for you to perform each and every movement in a workout. This “prescription”, or Rx,
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