Friday WOD – 010413

Motivated People Only

As we enter into 2013 and have been seeing lots of new faces in the gym, I wanted to take this opportunity to review some of our “Box Rules.” The picture above is the unwritten rule of every CrossFit gym. Our Box Rules are a key component of helping WCCF run smoothly, keeping everyone safe, and building our amazing community to athletes. Posted on the whiteboard in the gym are the following rules:

1. Check Your Ego At the Door
This means when you walk into the gym, you are willing to take advice/criticism/feedback from the coaches and from other athletes. Our aim is to increase your fitness; but it does not happen overnight. Every part of workout written on the board is the Rx, or prescribed version, of the WOD. It is written as what is expected from the most elite athlete. Checking your ego means not having any expectations that you should be doing the WOD Rx’d, especially if you have been CrossFitting less than 6 months (unless you are some sort of crazy wild animal). Scaling is the norm and is not something that anyone should be embarrassed about.

2. No Rep Means No Rep!
This one goes along with number 1. If one of the coaches calls no rep on you, or tells you to get your chin over the bar, or chest to the ground, listen to them. CrossFit is about doing the common uncommonly well. We pride ourselves on full range of motion. If you aren’t meeting the movement standards for an exercise, the only person you are cheating is yourself. Be honest with yourself, call no reps on yourself.

3. Cheer on Your Fellow WCCFers/Stay for Second Heats
If you finish your WOD before everyone else, your role transitions to cheerleader. Stick around and encourage your fellow athletes. Do not start putting away equipment or leave class.

4. Wipe Down and Put Away Your Equipment
We all have to play our part in keeping our box orderly and organized. Please put away all of your equipment when you are done using it. Even if there is another class afterwards that will be using the same equipment. And if you get blood, sweat, and tears all over a piece of equipment, please wipe it down.

5. Mop Up Your Sweat Angels (and chalk marks)
Again, this helps us keep your gym clean for all of us.

6. Never Say Can’t
The mental aspect of CrossFit is even bigger than the physical. The mindset you have going into each WOD is crucial to your success. Stay positive.

A couple New Rules/Guidelines I would like to add:

7. Come Early/ Be On Time
If you need time to stretch out, do mobility work, or to elegantly scribe the WOD into your journal, please arrive 10-15 minutes before class to get this done. With the volume of work we are squeezing into an hour this time of year, we don’t have time for a long stretch out at the beginning of class.

8. Bring Re-Usable Water Bottles
A lot of you bring a plastic water bottle every day, drink 3 sips of it and leave it lying discarded on the floor. It is wasteful and a pain to clean up after. Let’s try and go Green in 2013. If there is interest, we can do an order of WCCF Re-usable Water Bottles!

9. Post Your Results
Post your scores on our whiteboard and on our Facebook page! It’s not just about who has the fastest Fran (although the competition can be fun!) This is a key component for us coaches to track your performance and gains and to make sure that people are scaling appropriately.

This isn’t meant to be harsh or strict, and all of us have been guilty of breaking at least one of these rules at some point (including all the coaches). These rules are meant to improve the atmosphere of WCCF and help ensure the smooth flow of classes. Thank you everyone for helping to make WCCF the amazing place that it is!

1. Deadlift
3, 2, 1; rest 2 min

2. Power clean
2, 2, 1, 1; rest 2 min

3. WOD
12 min AMRAP:
20 squat clean 95/65
20 squat clean 135/95
20 squat clean 165/115
20 squat clean 195/145
AMRAP squat clean 225/175 in remaining time