Monday WOD – 022513



Whole30 Challenge – Day 22
Today’s food to try: Coconut Oil! If you have yet to discover the joys of cooking with coconut oil, your time has come.  A great source of healthy, saturated fats and adds great flavor to any sauteed or stir fried dishes!  We use it to cook our eggs, saute meat, bake sweet potatoes, the list goes on.  What type of Coconut Oil should you buy?  Unrefined, organic virgin coconut oil. (We buy it on Amazon.com, but you can find smaller quantities in stores, too.)  Here’s an article from Mark’s Daily Apple on Coconut Oil that explains why you should choose this type of coconut oil and also talks about some of the health benefits of coconut oil.

1. Squat clean
3 reps on the minute for 10 min @55-70% 1rm
This is meant to be technique practice. Focus is on perfect form, not loads.

2. CTB Pull ups (Muscle Ups if you have them)

3. WOD
Squat clean 135/95#
CTB Pull ups