Thursday WOD – 022113



Whole30 Challenge – Day 18
Want to consume some delicious butter during the Whol30? It is allowed, but only if your butter meets certain standards and criteria will it be permitted entry into your gut. Check out this article: “The Butter Manifesto.” Here’s the summary:

“In summary, the only way we can recommend eating butter is if it comes from a humanely raised, grass-fed, organic source, and you take the time to clarify it. There are no major down sides to butter produced in such a manner, and we can happily recommend you use your clarified butter or ghee as one of your (varied) added fat sources.”

CrossFit Games Open
The Open starts in TWO weeks!!! Register now! If you’re not sure about signing up, talk to one of your coaches.

1. Power Clean

2. WOD
4 rounds for time:
20 power clean 95/65#
20 wallballs 20/14#
40 double unders