Thursday WOD – 022813



Whole30 Challenge – Day 25
5 Days Left. Time to start thinking about life “After the Whole30.” Here’s an article that helps you do just that: “Ride Your Own Bike.

“The program isn’t meant to continue forever – it’s a tool to give you the knowledge and confidence to make good choices on your own. Think of the Whole30 like your dietary training wheels, giving you the support and structure you need while learning. And despite the fact that it’s scary to lose the structure and comfort of our “rules” and take on the big, bad, sugar-laden world all on your own – at some point for each of you, it’s simply gotta happen.” – See more at: “Ride Your Own Bike.

Upcoming Whole30 Events:
March 6th – Body Measurements, “Jackie”
March 8th – Paleo Potluck after evening classes.

1. Double Unders
4×30 Unbroken

2. WOD
12 Deadlifts (185/135)
24 Double Unders