Wednesday WOD – 022713



Whole30 Challenge – Day 24

“Before I tell you what the Whole30 is, I would like to share my thoughts on what the Whole30 is not. The Whole30 is not a diet. It is not a twenty-two day program with eight cheat days (weekends) built in. It is not 30 days of restriction, to be followed by 335 days of gluttony. Here is what the Whole30 is. It is life-changing. It is the path to healing your insides. It is about eating real food and learning that what you put into your body actually matters. It is a test of the level of respect you have for this one body you were given. Simply put, if you follow it the way it was written, it works. If you don’t, it doesn’t. My only regret is that I waited so long to do it.”

That is a quote from “It Starts With Food” from one of the tens of thousands of people that have benefited from the Whole30 program. As we are nearing the end of the 30 days, I hope everyone has put as much into the Whole30 as they put into their WODs in the gym. If you are feeling amazing from eating this way, don’t use that as an excuse to slip up on this last week. If you don’t feel as good as you expected, your body might need more time to heal. Decades of eating poorly can take more than 30 days to reverse; consider extending your Whole30 to a Whole45 or a Whole60. If you are still craving bad foods, your brain might need more time to adjust. Healing your gut isn’t the only goal of the Whole30, it’s also about changing your relationship with food and breaking those cravings and bad habits. In the next week, I will be providing more info and tips on life after the Whole30. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not go out on Wednesday and binge on all your old favorites.

March 6th – Body Measurements, “Jackie”
March 8th – Paleo Potluck after evening classes.

1. Power clean
Build to a tough single

2. 3 min max reps power cleans @85% of 1

3. WOD
10–>1 unbroken ladders
Power snatch 95/55#
Box jumps 24/20