Monday WOD – 030413

Musical Medballs

Whole30 Challenge – Day 29
As promised here’s Part II of the Whole30’s “Guide to Eating Dirty.” There’s some really good tips and guidelines for going “off plan” in this article. Give it a read.

“You are just setting yourself up for failure by regularly scheduling cheat meals! So be flexible, and individually evaluate your actual, in-the-moment desire for a drink on Tuesday night, or a slice of your Mom’s cake on Sunday afternoon, or French toast with Nutella at Saturday breakfast.”

March 6th – Body Measurements, “Jackie”
March 8th – Paleo Potluck after evening classes.

CrossFit Games Open
During the next 5 weeks, we will be performing the Open workouts that are announced each Wednesday night at 8pm. Friday will be the day we do the Open WODs, and we will have some open gym time on Sundays to redo the Open WOD or make it up. All scores for registered athletes must be submitted BY YOU by 8pm on Sunday night each week!  If you are trying to optimize your performance on the Open workouts, I recommend taking Thursday as a rest and recovery day so you will be fresh on Friday.  FYI, it’s not too late to sign up!!

1. Power snatch
build to a max in 8 min
2. Power clean and Jerk
build to a max in 10 min
3. AMRAP power clean and jerks in 3 min
@65-75% of 2
4. L-sit
Accumulate 2 mins