Saturday WOD – 030213


Happy Birthday, Chandra!

Whole30 Challenge – Day 27
As we head into our last weekend of the challenge, here’s Part I of the Whole30’s “Guide to Eating Dirty.”

“So there you have it – a cheat meal or a cheat day does nothing for your physical health and well being that couldn’t be done better with good, clean food. But there are a whole host of reasons to cheat that we DO support – and those are all mental. Your taste buds crave things that taste good. Your brain rebels against the rigidity of “can have” and “can’t have”. Your emotions needs a break from the isolation and social pressures of being the weird eater, the difficult dinner party guest, the one who makes everyone else feel bad about the way they eat. You need a mental break, which means you want to stray from your diet. And we are more than okay with that.”

Stay tuned for Part II, which gives tips and advice on how and when to “cheat.”

March 6th – Body Measurements, “Jackie”
March 8th – Paleo Potluck after evening classes.

As a team complete:
100 Burpees (while teammates hold plank)
200 KB Swings (53/35) (while teammates hold a plate overhead)
300 Air Squats (while teammates hold bottom of squat)