Thursday WOD – 030713


The Open has Begun!
We will be doing Open Workout 13.1 on Friday. Also, if you miss class Friday or want a 2nd attempt at the Open workout, there will be an Open Gym on Sunday from 10-11am!

Whole30 Challenge
Don’t forget, we are celebrating with a Paleo Potluck this Friday at 7:30pm, after doing the first Open workout!

Options for Today’s WOD:
Rest, Goats or PreGame.

Think more about recovery than rest. Foam roll, massage, ART, active recovery are all good choices.

OTM x 10-20
Even minutes: Goat 1
Odd minutes: Goat 2

2-3 Rounds NOT for time of:
1 Power Snatch + OHS, @ 60% of 1RM PS
2 Muscle up
3 Box Jumps, 24/20″
5 Wall Ball, 20/14
6 C2B
7 Burpees
30 DU
Rest 2-3 minutes

“The idea behind the Rest/Goat/PreGame day is to prime the body for the following days competition. Nothing you do today should be more than a “walking” pace. If you feel good, like you want to do more or go faster, that’s the idea – don’t do more. Today keep it under wraps. Tomorrow unleash hell.” – Ben Bergeron