Wednesday WOD – 032013

Paleo Potluck

Paleo Potluck

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Whole 30
Here’s Bethany’s essay: Great job Bethany!

This wasn’t my first run at a Paleo Challenge. The first time around, I was apprehensive to say the least. A few months ago, I “completed” my first 30 Day Paleo Challenge. I say “completed” in quotes for a number of reasons. Most importantly, I went about the challenge the complete wrong way. Though I thought I was “all-in” when it came to eating within the guidelines, I was truly doing everything I could to mimic my former food decisions; I immediately researched Paleo brownies, cookies, pancakes and breads—anything could successfully disguise itself as a carb. I remember thinking to myself, “Wow, this really isn’t going to be difficult at all with a few adjustments.” And it wasn’t tough…for the first two weeks. Eventually, however all the imitations of my former UN-Paleo go-to snacks were DISGUSTING. Let’s face it, they weren’t the real thing. And on top of that, I wasn’t seeing the dramatic results on the scale that I craved so bad. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was failing because I hadn’t really committed myself to the lifestyle change that is Paleo. You either sink or swim. With the wrong mindset, I sank (right back into my fat clothes). I managed to force myself to stay within the constraints of the rules for the challenge, but never really discovered the true reason behind my decision to try out Paleo. I was done with even the thought of paleo by 12:01 a.m. on day 31. No motivation to continue…no life-changing moments. Completely pointless. Can we say counter-productive waste of time and money?! Post challenge #1, I went back to my days of limbo-dieting. You know, the eat healthy all week/eat everything in sight on the weekend/feel guilty on Monday, so do it all over again thing? Yah, that was my life again.

Finally, after the holidays, I decided, a “new year, a new me.” I am trying to work my @$$ off at CrossFit, but my progress is so much slower than others. What am I doing wrong? The only thing I could pinpoint was my diet; my dedication and attitude had both jumped onboard a while ago. Back came the d word…my DIET. This time I had added “pressure” and extra motivation—being in a bathing suit for vacation in March. I decided to go back to Paleo. Though I was far from impressed with my results the first time around, I had support from my fellow crossfitters that made it much easier to give it another try. Again, I wasn’t perfect, but managed to stay on track and more effectively avoid ALL sweets and treats that took over my last challenge. I was 99.8% Paleo and extremely proud of my willpower.

For this Whole30 Challenge, I was a professional label reader. I knew what to eat and what to walk right past in the grocery store. I knew how to avoid temptation on weekend trips and at parties and restaurants. I knew that I was becoming a Paleo-influenced individual. At the start of this challenge, a fellow WCCF’er anticipated being unhappy the whole month because of the inability to eat all the delicious things we normally consume. I truly believe it was then and there that I had a breakthrough. Most of us equate food with happiness. I was also guilty of this. From then out, I decided that I would find a way to equate healthy eating and decisions with happiness. The natural high that I got after tackling one more day of good eating was my new happiness…NOT that cupcake or ice cream sundae. The power I felt when I sat down with friends that were eating processed, carby, grainy CRAP and managing to avoid it? Priceless.

I can’t say I’ve been perfect since the challenge ended, but my results speak for themselves. Right now I am struggling to commit to eating Paleo when I no longer have the group support on a daily basis. I do, however, understand how effective Paleo is. I long to be back at it 100%. I am re-energized, less stressed and more positive. My skin is clear, my headaches are gone and what are those? Abs?! This challenge required a huge change, both mental and physical and tons of planning, but I gave it my best. Can we do another one!?


1. Squat Snatch

2. Kipping Practice

3. 4 RFT:
Row 500m
Handstand Walk 20 yards