Friday WOD – 051013


Steph during Monday’s parking lot “Gwen”

We are converting our Member Management and Billing over to a great new product called The Box HQ, which is built by CrossFitters for helping run and manage a CrossFit box. It has alot of great features in addition to handling our billing! You should all be receiving emails with login information. To save me a TON of time, and to make sure we get everyone’s information correct, I need everyone to login to their newly created BoxHQ profiles and enter their payment information. If you pay by credit card, please enter that info. If you pay by debit card, please consider paying by ACH payment (aka eCheck). You can enter your checking information into your profile. Those of you who already pay by ACH, thank you, The Box HQ just requires you to enter your info and perform a couple validation steps. This needs to be DONE by the 15th!!! THANK YOU everyone for your help!


30 Clean and Jerks for Time. (135/95)