Friday WOD – 062113



There will be NO Open Gym this Sunday as all your wonderful coaches will be at the competition at CrossFit Dartmouth. Come cheer us on!

ALSO, starting next week we are ADDING a 4:30pm class on Tuesday and Thursday!

Rest, Recover, Rebuild.
Saw a tweet from Whole9life this morning that I wanted to share.

“You don’t get fitter while you are training – you get fitter while you are recovering from training.”

I think oftentimes we forget this. The high intensity workouts and heavy weightlifting physically taxes our bodies. It’s only during our rest and recovery that the body has a chance to rebuild and create adaptation to the strain and stress put on it during exercise. Do NOT underestimate the importance of rest days.

What should you do during a rest day?
1. Food – Ever notice that sometimes on a day off from the gym you are hungry constantly? That is your body asking you to fuel its recovery. Your nutrition on your rest days is as important, if not more important, than on your training days.
2. H20 – What are your muscles made out of? Mostly water. Up the water intake on your rest days. Your muscles are trying to rebuild themselves bigger. Yes they need the food, but they also need lots and lots of water.
3. Mobility – Don’t sit around not moving all day whining about how sore you are! Get up and move. Stretch those sore muscles. Spend some intimate time with your foam roller and lacrosse ball(s). Go for a walk. Do a recovery row on the Concept2.
4. Sleep – How much sleep are you getting? Get MORE. Resolve to go to bed 30 minutes earlier tonight. The most recovery and muscle growth occurs during deep sleep.

Granted, these are all things to consider EVERY day, but they are even more important on rest days. Consider numbers 1 through 4 your WOD on days you are not at the box!

Upcoming Events:

Hope for CuresJuly 6th.
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WCCF’s Lil’ Beasts Summer Health and Fitness Camp, Aug 5th-9th.
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3 rounds for time of:

7 Muscle-Ups
14 Thrusters 115/75#
21 Sit-ups