Thursday WOD – 090513 – Why Choose WCCF?



Why Choose WCCF?

“Each CrossFit gym is different. Some have outhouses and chicken coops, others feature spas and cafes.

This is because CrossFit gyms are not franchises, but independently owned and operated affiliates. Affiliate owners are professionals like dentists and lawyers, not franchisees like fast food chain owners.” – Quote taken from the CrossFit Facebook page.

Our Gym is different. Our mission at Whaling City CrossFit is to improve your life. Plain and simple. No matter who you are or what your goals are. We are a dedicated team of professional CrossFit Coaches that work very hard to enrich your lives through CrossFit. Our aim is to provide the most value to our athletes and our community.

Whaling City CrossFit is the only box in the area that requires new athletes to participate in a month-long On-Ramp Program. This Program teaches our athletes the fundamentals of the CrossFit program, proper nutrition, and most importantly, how to perform movements safely, and efficiently. We teach proper movement technique, help identify and correct mobility issues, and show you how to push your body harder.

CrossFit is not dangerous; poor coaching is dangerous and bad affiliates are dangerous. Our coaches are the best, most experienced CrossFit coaches working in the Greater New Bedford Area. Our education does not stop after receiving our L1 Certificate. We are constantly learning and testing each other; striving to become experts in Movement. Our amazing coaches set the tone of our Community.

We have grown a community of amazing, hard-working, caring, dog-loving athletes who push each other to new heights each day. We laugh, sweat, cry, and bleed together. We train hard together and we have fun together. For an hour each day, we push you to new limits you thought impossible.

Whether you want to train for the CrossFit Games, or for playing with your Grandkids, our coaches and our community are your best option. No matter what, don’t sit still. Your capacity as a human being either increases or decreases. It never stays the same. Let us help you raise your limits.

For Time:
100 Wall Ball (20,14#)
200 Double Unders
50 Wall Ball
100 Double Unders

Scaling Option:
For Time:
60 Wall Ball
100 Double Unders or Barbell Hops
35 Wall Ball
50 Double Unders or Barbell Hops