Tuesday WOD – 102213

Pink Mario and Luigi

“Pink Mario and Luigi”

November On-Ramp Program
Announcing our November ON-RAMP PROGRAM!

Here is your next chance to join Whaling City CrossFit’s On-Ramp Program! This program is designed to give beginners an introduction to CrossFit, from the theory behind the program, to the technique of the movements, and the importance of nutrition. Over the course of 4 weeks, athletes will learn all the skills and knowledge necessary to excel at CrossFit.

The program will start on Monday, October 28th and run for 4 weeks, 3 days per week (Mon and Tue at 6:30pm, and Thu at 5:3opm). All for the same price as our standard 3 days/week membership, $120.


The “WCCF Beasts” FB Group
For awhile now, this Facebook group has been used to post the additional Programming for our athletes interested in doing more than the daily WOD and also a place where some post their Results, as well as other silly things. While we know that not everyone is interested in doing the extra “Beast work,” we want to open up the Facebook group to everyone in the gym to increase the amount of sharing of WOD results, ideas, tips, congrats, hazing, and other silliness. We are going to do our best to add as many of you as possible, but please help us out by inviting missing WCCFers to the group or messaging me if you haven’t received an invite.  Please help make the Facebook group as active as possible by sharing your daily WOD results in the comments for that day’s post.

Whole30 – Day 30!!!
Come in today or tomorrow to get re-measured!  Reflect on your experience and put your thoughts down on paper.  Submit your Whole30 Essays to us by the end of the week!

Here is the Whole9’s Guide to Nutritional Off-Roading.

“Satan’s Whiskers”
3 rounds of:
10 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
10 Front Squats (165, 115#)
10 Burpees