Saturday WOD – 102613

Kac and Finn

CrossFit Mom and Future CrossFitter

November On-Ramp Program
Tell your friends to join Whaling City CrossFit’s On-Ramp Program! This program is designed to give beginners an introduction to CrossFit, from the theory behind the program, to the technique of the movements, and the importance of nutrition. Over the course of 4 weeks, athletes will learn all the skills and knowledge necessary to excel at CrossFit.

The program will start on Monday, October 28th and run for 4 weeks, 3 days per week (Mon and Tue at 6:30pm, and Thu at 5:3opm). All for the same price as our standard 3 days/week membership, $120.


“Homeward Bound”
5 rounds of:
400m Run
30 Wall Balls (20, 14#)