Saturday WOD – 111613

Dave A.

Dave A.

WCCF Holiday Party – Friday, December 6th, 5:30pm
Celebrate the Holiday Season with all of us at WCCF on December 6th! The last class will be at 5:30pm and that will also be the starting time of the party.  Restoration Massage will be at WCCF to give mini sports massages! We will WOD, eat, drink, and be merry! Hope you all can join us!

Start writing down your goals! Due 11/20!  If you are interested in getting help/coaching/feedback on your goals, please send them to erik@whalingcitycrossfit.com with the subject line “Goals”.
-3 month, 6 month, and 1 year goals.
-Try to choose 3 goals for each time period.
-List 3 reasons WHY you have this goal.
-List 3 WAYS you will help reach this goal.
-Make your goals REALISTIC.

GOALS and The CrossFit Games Open
For some of you  (those of you who are pursuing CrossFit as a Sport), I know you are really hoping to do well in the 2014 CrossFit Games Open, which most likely will start in a little over 3 months.  If you fall into this group, your 3 month goals might want to be geared towards certain skills you are weaker at that we are fairly sure will be tested in the Open. i.e. Snatches, Clean and Jerks, Thrusters, Double Unders, Wallballs, Toes to Bar, Chest to Bar Pull-ups, Box Jumps, Muscle Ups, and high rep Burpees. Also, OVERALL, the Open is a test of your Metabolic Conditioning. So your weakness might not be Snatches, but it might be how FAST you can do moderately heavy snatches AFTER 100 burpees.

3 rounds of:
30 Squat Cleans (95, 65#)
30 Burpees
30 Abmat Sit-ups