Barbell Beatdown – Row Dub Scluster


Full Workout Description
At the call of 3-2-1-GO, Partner 1 will begin rowing 25 calories on the Concept 2 erg while Partner 2 attempts to complete as many rounds and reps as possible of 30 Double Unders (or 60 Single Unders for Scaled) and 10 Squat Clean Thrusters (Sclusters). Partner 2 may begin the workout with their jump rope in their hands. When Partner 1 finishes 25 calories, they will call “switch” to their Partner and Partner 2 will stop wherever they are in the AMRAP to strap in and begin rowing 25 calories. Partner 1 will jump into the AMRAP at whatever place Partner 2 left off at. For example, if Partner 2 had finished 17 double unders at the call of “switch,” Partner 1 will complete 13 more double unders before moving on to sclusters. Partner 1 does NOT have to wait for Partner 2 to begin rowing before starting to perform reps. This pattern will continue until the call of “Time” after 10 minutes.

A team’s score for this workout will be equal to the total number of reps completed during the AMRAP of Double (or Single) Unders and Sclusters PLUS the total number of calories rowed. If a team completes 8 rounds of the couplet and 11 additional Double Unders that would be equal to 333 reps of the couplet. In addition, say they completed 6 cycles on the Concept 2, this would be equal to 150 calories, giving the Team a total score of 483.

Prescribed Weights
Rx Men – 115# Barbell
Rx Women – 75# Barbell
Scaled Men – 75# Barbell
Scaled Women – 55# Barbell

Movement Standards
Row – The athletes hands must stay on the paddle until the monitor displays 25 calories. The monitor must be reset to 0 during each athlete changeover.

Double Under – The rope must pass under the athlete’s feet twice during a single jump.

Single Under – The rope must pass under the athlete’s feet at least once per jump. Each time the rope passes under the athlete’s feet, one rep will be counted. For the scaled division, we are saying that athlete’s may choose to perform Double Unders if they desire. However, this must be communicated to their Judge prior to the Heat starting. And, an athlete will not be allowed to utilize a combination of double and single unders. If they choose double unders, they must use them for the entire workout.

Squat Clean Thruster – For each rep, the athlete must start with the barbell on the ground. The bar must be lifted to the Front Rack position with the bar touching the chest/shoulders while passing through a full squat (hip crease below the knee) and then standing to full hip and knee extension while driving the bar overhead to reach extension of the elbows with the bar overhead. There can be no re-bend of the knees to reach overhead lockout (i.e. No Thrust-a-jerks). We are looking to see the arms lined up with the ears. The barbell then returns to the ground by any method to begin the next rep. As long as the movement requirements are met, any technique may be used. The athlete may Muscle or Power Clean the bar, perform a Front Squat and then Strict Press the bar overhead, if so desired.

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