Saturday WOD – 100414


“Wait, we’re doing THREE CropFit WODs tomorrow?!”

WCCF Member Appreciation Day and Partner Throwdown!
Plan to get to Eastover Farm at 9am, we will demo the workouts for everyone and then start the Throwdown. We plan to have all three events done by Noon and then start the cookout! Please bring chairs and/or blankets to hang out during the Throwdown!

REMINDER: NO REGULAR CLASSES on Saturday morning!!!

October On-Ramp!!
Help us fill up our next On-Ramp with your friends and family!! Send them here to register: https://whaling-city-crossfit.theboxhq.com/events/wccfs-october-2014-on-ramp


Fitness and Performance
Event 1:
Wheelbarrow / HS Walk to the Tires
Tire Flip length of the field (Sled drag if tire is too heavy)
Sprint length of the field

Event 2:
3 RFT:
50 Air Squat / Jumping Squat
25 Hay Bale Jumps / Burpee Hay Bale Jumpovers

Event 3:
Medball Toss across the field
100 Medball Ground to Overhead
Medball Toss across the field