Tuesday WOD – 101414

WCCF Throwdown


We are going to add this new 45 minute class on a trial basis, MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, AND FRIDAY. You are welcome to arrive early if you need extra time to warm up or do mobility. Class will start promptly at 5:15 and finish at 6. Many of you have asked for an earlier class. Here’s your chance to come in, crush your WOD and start your day off right! When you workout early in the morning, the rest of the day suddenly becomes easier. Not to mention the fact that your metabolism is sky-high for the rest of the day!

Here’s the important stuff: At least during this trial, we are REQUIRING you to PRE-REGISTER for these 5:15am classes by 8pm the night before! We need to know peeps are actually going to be showing up in the morning! If there aren’t at least 3 people registered by 8pm, we will notify those registered that class is canceled.

With Monday being a holiday for some, our FIRST 5:15 class will be WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15TH! PRE-REGISTER for 5:15am classes by going to our BoxHQ schedule, click on the class, and then click “Register.” That page will also show you who else is registered for that class.


1. Back Squat: 4×4 across

2. For Time:
21-15-9 Deadlift 225/155
500m Row

1. Snatch: 4×3 TnG, work to a max. Then, ME UB set @ 75% of the 3rm

2. Back Squat: 4×4 @80%

3. Metcon
For Time:
21-15-9 Deadlift 225/155
500m Row

4. C2B: 7×5, :60 rest between sets

5a. 3×1:00 ME HS Walk – rest 90s
5b. 3×15 GHR – rest 90s