Friday WOD – 013015

Justine has the best lifting faces.

Justine has the best lifting faces.

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The SouthCoast Snowdown. Saturday, January 31st, 9am: Saturday classes will be canceled on the 31st for this event. Please come check out the action and cheer on your WCCF Competitors!


1. Front Squat: 5×5 – add 5# to last week

2. AMRAP in 10:00:
100 Double-Unders
50 Wall Balls 20/14#
ME Muscle Ups with the remainder of the 10:00
*if no muscle ups, do 10 reps of each of the 3 part progression until 10:00 is up*

1. Alternating EMOM for 14:00-
5 Hang Snatches (from power position – UB is the preference, but drops are acceptable) – begin at 50% of 1RM Snatch and add load with each set (try to go up from last week)
15 Box Jump Overs 24/20″

2. Front Squat (Based on 1RM Clean) + Jerks:
1X5+3@70%, 1X5+3@80%, 1X5+2@85%, 2X3+1@90%, 1X5+2@85% – rest 2:00 or more if Jerk misses occur

3. 10:00 to complete:
200 Double-Unders
100 Wall Balls 20/14#
ME Muscle-Ups with the remainder of the 10:00

Rest 1:00 after completing the 10:00, then…
2:00 ME Deadlifts 275/185#
Note: Do small sets (5-10 fast UB reps), and try to minimize rest intervals to keep moving at relatively the same pace for the entire 2:00.