Thursday WOD – 040215


The Incredible Chulk going #beastmode on 15.5!

Now that the CF Games Open is officially over, I wanted to take a minute to congratulate all of our athletes that participated! You all pushed yourselves to the limit. A lot of you proved you are fitter than you ever thought. I created custom leaderboards for our WCCF Men and WCCF Women so you can see how everyone in the gym did.

A couple shoutouts for some amazing performances and milestones:

  • Dave Costa and Dave Bernard getting their first muscle ups during 15.3!
  • Luisa going DEEP into the pull-ups and OHS on 15.2!
  • Matt M. for pushing through 15.5 to complete his first Rx Open Workout!
  • Justine improved her score from 14.2 to 15.2 by OVER 100 Reps!
  • SO MANY OF YOU getting your first Rx HSPUs during 15.4!
  • Kelsea, along with Rob, qualifying for REGIONALS with the team from OSCF!
  • Kaylee finished 6th in the Northeast and 71st in the WORLD in the 14-15 year old Teen Girls Division!
  • We had 4 Women finish top 500 in the Northeast Division (Kelsea, Justine, Caleigh and Rachael)!

We will be closed this Sunday for Easter!
Our first Mobility and Recovery Class will be Wednesday, April 8th at 6:30pm.
Our first GOAT Class will be Sunday, April 12th at 9am.
Our first Strength Class will be Sunday, April 12th at 10am.

In conjunction with our new training cycle starting up, we want to take this opportunity to hear from all of you. We have created a quick, easy Goal Setting Worksheet to help you think through what motivates you to do CrossFit and what goal(s) you have. FYI – This is a new Worksheet we are going to be using with all new On-Rampers, so a couple of the questions may be aimed at beginners. But we wanted to get all existing members to fill it out as well.
Please take 2 minutes to fill out our Goal Setting Worksheet!

To see details and descriptions of all our new classes, head to our new Programs and Classes Page.


1. Rope Climb Skillz

2. EMOM 20:
odd: 30 Double Unders
even: 3-5 Strict Pull-ups

Active Recovery