Thursday WOD – 041615


Helder During our 10×3 Back Squats!

We have been reviewing the Goal Worksheets. Thank you to those of you who took the time to submit your responses! The first thing we want to tackle is the desire from many of you to talk about Nutrition and its impact on your Health and Performance. We made the decision earlier this year to do away with the 30 day crash diet challenges to try and get healthy. We did that for several reasons. Instead, we launched our Nutrition Coaching program.

For those of you interested in talking to one of our Coaches about Nutrition (and we will be emailing everyone who indicated Yes on the Goal Worksheet), we are offering our Level 1: Food Journal Analysis and Advice package to all current members for free for a limited time. To schedule your Food Journal Analysis, email tess@whalingcitycrossfit.com!


1. 5 sets of: 3 Arch to Hollow Swing + Chest to Bar + Bar MU

2. AMRAP 15:
100m Farmer’s Walk 70/50(or 53)
20 Hollow Rocks
30 Double Unders

3. Tabata Arch Rocks

1. 5 sets of: 3 Arch to Hollow Swing + Chest to Bar + Bar MU

2. Tabata Arch Rocks

3. 30-45 minute Row or Run – HR MUST stay under 150. If you choose to Run, you will most likely have to go way slower than you think, and even stop often and walk to control your HR.