Friday WOD – 051515


Some Gymnastics Static Shaping!

Specialty Classes: Pre-registration Requirement
Many of you have been enjoying the variety offered through all of our new Specialty Classes. But we’ve seen attendance falling off in some. There is a lot of extra preparation that goes into a single Specialty Class that only meets once per week, so we are instituting a pre-registration requirement for these classes. In order for us to hold a Specialty Class, we need to see at least 4 athletes pre-registered for that class. For morning Specialty Classes, this must be done by 8pm the night before. For evening classes, by noon the day of.

This applies to:
Mobility & Recovery
Barbell Club

If you don’t know how to use your BoxHQ account to pre-register for a class, please ask one of our Coaches to show you.

Nutrition Coaching
Don’t forget: For a limited time, our current Members can get a Free Food Journal Review! Get some feedback on your diet and learn fixes you can implement to immediately improve your health and nutrition!

Memorial Day Murph and Cookout – Monday, May 25th
As always, we will be tackling the Hero WOD “Murph” on Memorial Day in honor of all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. We will meet at WCCF at 8am (signups for heats will come as we get closer) for the workout. If you are going to participate in Murph, please register here.

Afterwards, go home, shower, and then head to our house for a Memorial Day Cookout at 12pm! (This is a daytime party, kids. Tess and I have a child now; we’re old) May also marks 3 years in business for Whaling City CrossFit, so this Cookout is also going to serve as our Anniversary Party and Thank You to all of our loyal members and friends who have supported us and continue to support us in this exercise venture!

3rd Annual Lil’ Beasts Summer Health and Fitness Camp – July 13th-17th
Announcing our 3rd Annual Kids’ Summer Camp! Takes place on Eastover Farm in Rochester, MA from 9am-12pm. Program includes fun workouts, exercise skills, healthy cooking, nutrition education, active games, water activities, sports, goal setting, and other health and fitness fun! Registration now Open!


1. Power Snatch – Build to a maximal 3, TNG

2. AMRAP 15
1 Rope Climb
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

1. Establish a 1RM Power Snatch

2. Bench – AMRAP @ 80%

3. Weighted Pull-ups – 3×10 AHAP – rest 2:00

4. Weighted Dips – 3×8 AHAP – rest 2:00

5a. Skullcrusher- 4×10 AHAP – rest 60s
5b. DB Bicep Curls – 4×10 AHAP – rest 60s
5c. Barbell Shrugs – 4×10 – AHAP – rest 60s

6. 20min Row, HR under 150