Friday WOD – 061215


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Bring Your Friends and Family Week!!! – June 16th-20th
Starting next week on Tuesday, bring your friends, family, co-workers or perfect strangers to ANY class all the way through Saturday the 20th! Introduce them to our program and community and let them try a class for FREE! If possible, please try and give us a heads up that you are bringing someone to a class.

Specialty Classes: Pre-registration Requirement
Remember to pre-register for Specialty Classes!

Nutrition Coaching
Don’t forget: For a limited time, our current Members can get a Free Food Journal Review! Get some feedback on your diet and learn fixes you can implement to immediately improve your health and nutrition!

3rd Annual Lil’ Beasts Summer Health and Fitness Camp – July 13th-17th
Announcing our 3rd Annual Kids’ Summer Camp! Takes place on Eastover Farm in Rochester, MA from 9am-12pm. Program includes fun workouts, exercise skills, healthy cooking, nutrition education, active games, water activities, sports, goal setting, and other health and fitness fun! Registration now Open!


1. 3-Position Snatch (Power, Hang, Floor) – 7×1, climbing

2. For time:
Deadlift 225/155
Ring Push-ups
200m Sprint after each round.

1. 3-Position Snatch (Power, Hang, Floor) – 7×1, climbing

2a. Bench Press – 50%x5, 60%x3, 70%x2, 75%x1, 80%x1, 85%xME
2b. Weighted Pull-ups – 5×5 AHAP – rest 90s

3. Weighted Dips – 4×6 AHAP – rest 2:00

4a. Skullcrusher- 4×10 AHAP – rest 60s
4b. Axle Bar Bicep Curls – 4×10 AHAP – rest 60s
4c. Barbell Shrugs – 4×10 – AHAP – rest 60s

5. 10- 20min Row, HR under 150
6. 10min Mobility