Monday WOD – 070615



Wareham Football Summer Conditioning
I am very excited to announce that we have been given the opportunity to train the Wareham High School Football Team over the next 5 weeks. This will be happening at their facilities on Monday and Friday evenings. We will be using some of WCCF’s equipment during those evenings. But fear not, the programming will ensure that you won’t even notice a difference. On days where we take a bunch of barbells and weights, the WOD will obviously not include those elements. But that’s the great thing about CrossFit, you don’t need fancy equipment to get your butt kicked! Thank you everyone in advance for understanding as we share our fitness with the Wareham Football Team.

On-Ramp & Bring Your Friends & Family
Our next On-Ramp is going to start on July 13th. Leading up to it, we are having another Bring Your Friends and Family Day on Thursday, July 9th (ANY CLASS!).

We are going to offer a promotion unlike any we’ve done before. As our Members, you guys can offer a 50% off registration code to any of your Friends and Family who are interested in trying us out. Please DO NOT publicly post this on Facebook. You can give this code out privately to someone you are talking to about signing up. The code is Posted in our FB Group and at the Gym.

All they have to do is enter that code when they sign up here:


Nutrition Coaching
Don’t forget: For a limited time, our current Members can get a Free Food Journal Review! Get some feedback on your diet and learn fixes you can implement to immediately improve your health and nutrition!

3rd Annual Lil’ Beasts Summer Health and Fitness Camp – July 13th-17th
Announcing our 3rd Annual Kids’ Summer Camp! Takes place on Eastover Farm in Rochester, MA from 9am-12pm. Program includes fun workouts, exercise skills, healthy cooking, nutrition education, active games, water activities, sports, goal setting, and other health and fitness fun! Registration now Open!


1. Jumping and Landing
Box Jumps – 5×3, as high as possible

2. AMRAP 20:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
10 Wallballs 20/14

1. Deadlift – 3×5@77.5% and 1xME-1@77.5%

2. Strict Press – 3×5@77.5% and 1xME-1@77.5%

3. Accessory Circuit – 3 Rounds
15 DB Press with :30 OH hold on last rep
8 GHR – 5 second descent
12 DB rows – each arm
10 Banded pull throughs
10 Barbell Russian Twists