Tuesday WOD – 092915

Amanda & Erin

Amanda & Erin – Smiling during a WOD

WCCF’s 2nd Annual Member Appreciation Day and Internal Throwdown! October 3rd at Eastover Farm in Rochester!! The Throwdown will begin at 9am!! Similar to last year, it will be a partner throwdown! SIGN-UP AT THE GYM! Afterwards, we will have food and drinks and be merry! We had a ton of fun last year, so we hope you all can make it on the 3rd!


1. HSPU Work – Based on current Level:
L1 (less than 10 standard pushups) – 5xME standard push-ups, then 1-2 Wall Walks
L2 (can’t hold for 0:30) – 4xME HS Hold Against Wall
L3 (can do L1&L2, but no Strict HSPU) – 5×7 Pike Push-ups, then 5×1 Negatives
L4 (at least 1 Strict) – EMOMx10 – 1+ Strict HSPU
L5 – (currently have 7/4 Strict HSPU, and 12/10 Kipping) – 3×5 Deficit Kipping HSPU

2. For time:
1000m Row
100 Double Unders
100 Russian KB Swings 70/53

1. Jerk Footwork Drills – 5:00
If you don’t know these, ask a Coach!

2. Jerk from Rack – 5×2 climbing

1. HSPU Work

2. For time:
1000m Row
100 Double Unders
100 Russian KB Swings 70/53

Muscle Up Drills
1. Kipping Muscle Ups
Beginner: 5×5 Arch to Hollow Ring Swings
The focus is tight, efficient swings, not the size of the swing. There should be no elbow bend and no scorpion legs in the arch. The hollow should be a HOLLOW, no hip extension. Please video tape your swings or ask a Coach to watch and cue you.
Advanced: OTMx6 – 2-5 Perfect Muscle Ups

2. Strict MU Transition Strength
Beginner: Feet on floor, set rings so you are at the very bottom of dip position with legs straight. Lean back slow, keep rings close and touch knuckles. Increase the time you hold rings at the chest as you get strongers.
Advanced: On the high rings, with or without a spotter to help you through the transition.