Tuesday WOD – 111715

Coach Sadie

Coach Sadie

Class Registration Reminder
Just a friendly reminder that we require pre-registration and a minimum of 3 registered athletes for the following classes:

  • All 5:15am Classes
  • Thurs 6am Class
  • All Specialty Classes (GOAT, Strength, Barbell Club)

Whaling City CrossFit’s Annual Holiday Party!
We have decided to hold the event at our house this year to make things more comfortable and intimate. All WCCFers and their families are invited to come celebrate the holidays with us!  This will be a Potluck and BYOB. As we get closer, we’ll start a list of what everyone is bringing to eat. Please RSVP as soon as possible if you can make it so we know how many to expect. RSVP here.


1. Deadlift: Heavy set of 5. Add 10# to last week.

2. Pull-up Capacity
7×7 Kipping Pull-ups – rest 60s between
OR 6×6 Kip Swings & 3xME Strict Pull-ups

3. 4 Rounds for time:
12 DB Push Press 50/35
4 Wall Climbs
48 Double Unders

1. EMOM 8:00 – 2 Jerks @65-75% (Add 5# to last week). Focus is driving UNDER the bar, catching with bent back knee.

1. Axle Bar Clean & Jerk
Buil to a heavy single

2. C2B Pull-up Capacity
7×7 Kipping/Butterfly C2B Pull-ups – rest 60s between

3. 4 Rounds for time:
12 DB Push Press 50/35
48′ HS Walk
48 Double Unders

Muscle Up Drills
1. Kipping Muscle Ups
Beginner: 5×5 Arch to Hollow Ring Swings
The focus is tight, efficient swings, not the size of the swing. There should be no elbow bend and no scorpion legs in the arch. The hollow should be a HOLLOW, no hip extension. Please video tape your swings or ask a Coach to watch and cue you.
Advanced: OTMx6 – 2-5 Perfect Muscle Ups (More total reps than last week)

2. Strict MU Transition Strength
Partner Assisted Strict Muscle up Transitions on High Rings. Quality over Quantity.