Success in 2016

As 2015 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on the past year. The ups, the downs, the successes, the failures and start thinking about what you want from this next year.

Goal Setting is the best way to ensure that your efforts and your limited time are directed in the right places. For novices, Goal Setting might be as simple as saying “Come to the gym 3-4 times per week.” As a beginner, you are learning new skills each week and month and benefitting from what’s called “the novice effect.” PR’s happen left and right, and life is amazing! The longer you’ve trained in CrossFit (or any program for that matter), the fewer and farther between those PR’s start to be. And continuing to make improvements in your fitness requires smarter program design, focused attention to weaknesses, and more dedication. These are not bad things; just facts that more experienced CrossFitters need to be aware of.

What’s so amazing about CrossFit is that the sky truly is the limit and there are always things you can improve on. You can spend your whole life working to increase your work capacity. Mastered Double Unders? OK, time to try Triple Unders. Just finished a Strength Cycle and you are stronger than ever? Great, lets put that strength to use on some explosive, compound Olympic style Weightlifting! You’ve decided you want to put your fitness to use in a CrossFit competition or a Triathlon or a Tough Mudder? We can build a personal training program for you!

Our mission at Whaling City CrossFit is so much more than making you sweat and giving you a good workout. We aim to enrich your lives by making you healthier and happier individuals.

Our health and fitness can be viewed as a pyramid, and the foundation of that pyramid is Nutrition. We have not spent enough time focused on that foundation. My Resolution for 2016 is to change that. What you put in to your body directly impacts your performance in the gym. But it affects so much more than that. It affects your mood, your sleep, your hormones, your complexion, and your body composition.

Our program in 2016 is going to include more Nutrition education and discussion. But while there are many general rules of nutrition that we can share with all of you, when it comes to optimizing nutrition, there is a great deal of individualization. So as part of your goal setting meeting, we are going to look at your individual nutrition.

If you haven’t already, fill out our Goal Setting Worksheet. If you have previously, I want you to re-visit it and fill it out again. This worksheet doesn’t set a Goal for you, but it gives your Coaches an idea of where you are at, what your mindset is, and helps us work with you on establishing a Goal or Goals.

As part of your membership, during the month of January you can schedule a time to meet with one of our coaches for a goal setting session.

During that session, we will review your goal setting worksheet, help you come up with a well defined, achievable goal for the year. We will then look at your nutrition and how to align it with your goals. We will also go over all of your options at Whaling City CrossFit to help you figure out what combination of our programs and training best suit your needs as an individual.

We are allotting the following windows of time where you can select a 15 minute time slot to meet with one of our coaches:

Thu Jan 7th: 7-8am, 4:30-6:30pm
Mon Jan 11th: 7-8am, 4:30-6:30pm
Wed Jan 13th 7-8am, 4:30-6:30pm

We will have a sign up sheet in the gym with all the days and times for each coach. If none of these days/times work for you, please let us know because we want to get 100% participation in this year’s goal setting!