Saturday WOD – 013016



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WCCF 2016 Intramural Open!
Open Recruitment of athletes has begun! If you are interested in participating but haven’t been recruited to a team over the next week or so, please let me know! Current Team Rosters:

THE Whaling City Pretty Committee: Dave C. (C), Caleigh, Sherri, Gloriane, Erik, Kaylee O., Steve, Amanda, Kaylee C., John, Connie, Brandi, Seamus, Darlene

Snapes on a Plane: Laura (C), Colin, Nick, Marc, Becky, Alan, Rosie, Chandra, Nina, Luisa

Team Bunz + Gunz: Chuck (C), Amy, Erin, Justine, Josh, Tess, Beth, Nicole A., Sarah H., Robbin, Dylan, Tino, Emily

With the Open starting in just 4 WEEKS, we wanted to have some “clinics” to work on improving some of our skills on movements that are typically seen in the Open. Over the next 4 Saturdays, starting THIS Saturday, the first half of our 9am WOD Class will be focused on a different “Open Skill.” Here’s your chance to acquire or improve on some skills:
-Jan 30th – Double Unders
-Feb 6th – Toes to Bar
-Feb 13th – Kipping HSPU
-Feb 20th – Muscle Ups

We encourage you to sign up for the CF Open: games.crossfit.com. This allows you to submit your weekly scores online and see how you stack up. Signing up on the Games site is not required to participate in the WCCF Intramural Open.

Goal Setting for 2016
Go here for details. If you are still interested in a Goal Setting Meeting with one of our Coaches, we’d be happy to schedule a time with you!

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1. Double Under Clinic

2. With a Partner, 3 Rounds for time:
30 Calories Assault Air Bike
30 Burpees
90 Double Unders

1. Snatch Balance – Max, then 3×1@80-85%

2. Clean & Jerk – Max Double

With a Partner, 3 Rounds for time:
30 Calories Assault Air Bike
30 Burpees
90 Double Unders