Thursday WOD – 032416

Caption This!

Caption This!

WCCF 2016 Intramural Open!
Event 6 of our Intramural Open: BOWLING! Official Rules for the Event are TBA but, remember, the winning team of Week 6 will receive 10 points. Event 6 will be held on Friday, April 1st, 5:30pm at Wonder Bowl in New Bedford! We hope all team members can participate! We need all team members who are planning to participate to RSVP by giving your Captain or one of our Coaches $5 by THIS FRIDAY night!

Social Media Contest
Only a couple weeks left to check-in and earn entries for that FREE Month! #whalingcitycrossfitfam


1. Pull-up Strength 5×5
Level 1: Seated Self Assisted Pull-ups
Level 2: Controlled Negatives
Level 3: Strict Pull-ups
Level 4: Weighted Pull-ups

2. 3 Rounds NOT for time:
4:00 Row
10 Pushups
10 Ring Rows
10 Wallballs
50′ Bear Crawl

1. Active Recovery: 30-60 minutes of Bike, Swim or Row. If you row, get up and walk every few minutes.

2. Mobility and Self Care: Upper Body: Focus on your shoulders, traps, and lats. Lower Body: Low back, hamstrings, and quads.