Why WOD in the Morning?

Are you someone who has never tried starting your day with exercise? If so, you are not alone. Many people say they could never get up early to train. You hit that snooze button as many times as possible before rolling out of bed and heading to work half asleep. You’d much rather hit the gym after work, except you don’t…

Something comes up at work, or you make plans to go out after work, or you are too tired after work and find yourself on autopilot to your couch instead of the squat rack. If this sounds like you, let me try and persuade you to give early morning workouts a try. Here are some great reasons to workout in the morning:

1. Your Hormone levels are higher right after waking
Testosterone, in particular, is highest in the morning, which means hitting the weights first thing in the morning will lead to bigger strength and muscle gains!

2. Up Your Energy Levels
If you’ve never worked out first thing the in morning, you’ve never felt the natural buzz it gives you. You might feel a little groggy when you first get there, but when you leave, you won’t even need that first cup of coffee; the natural energy rush will jump start your day!

3. Smaller Class Size
Most of you are working out in the evening, which means our Morning Classes have more space and less need to share equipment. More importantly, with less people in class, you will get more individualized attention from our Coaches!

4. Jumpstart Your Metabolism
Exercise, especially lifting weights and high intensity exercise, boosts your metabolism, making your body burn more fat for fuel. Working out first thing in the morning kicks your metabolism into high gear for the rest of the day, making you a fat burning machine!

5. Free Up the Evening
You got your workout done before work, so now your evenings are FREE! Dinner plans? Want to relax on the Couch? Spend time with Family & Friends? Go for it! You won’t feel guilty because you got your WOD in while everyone else was sleeping!

6. Less Chance of Skipping
Wake up, Hit the Gym! No need to worry if you need to work late or if something comes up. Also, as the evening approaches, you can look forward to going home, because you already WODed!

7. Fall Asleep Earlier and Easier
Once you have established a routine, it will be easier to fall asleep at night and you will fall asleep earlier! The problem with exercise at night is that it takes your body 2-3 hours to cool down to a relaxed state after intense exercise. So exercising at night might be one of the things making you a “night owl.” After a week of working out early in the morning, your body will have no problem getting to bed early and waking early. Lots of old expressions come to mind: “early to bed, early to rise” and “the early bird catches the worm!”

These are just a few ways you will benefit from exercising in the morning. Give it a try!