Thursday WOD – 011917

Friday Night Lights (1)

If you missed the announcement previously, during the CrossFit Games Open, all of WCCF splits into teams and we make the Open into an in-house Team Competition that awards points for participation, spirit, etc. There will be a 6th event that is NOT one of the Open workouts. Also, there will be a GRAND PRIZE for the winning team this year.

Your Captains for this year’s Intramural Open are:
-Chuck Gregory – the Captain of last year’s winners, Team Bunz + Gunz, is back to try and repeat as champion!
-Stacy Correia
-Joe Hellyar
-Sarah Harding

We want EVERYONE to be part of a team! Let me be clear: by being a part of your team and completing the Workout each week, you earn points for your team! Being unable to Rx a workout or perform a certain movement or get a lot of reps WILL NOT negatively impact your team! This “competition” is about all of us coming together to have some fun and push the limits of our fitness!

Once we draft the Performance athletes, all other athletes will be free agents open for recruitment by the Captains. They are allowed to bribe and coerce you to join their team over another because more team members equals more participation points each week!

Every Friday night starting Feb 24th, we will be holding a FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS event! This was so much fun last year, so make sure you try and join us on Friday nights!

We encourage everyone to Register for the CrossFit Games Open at games.crossfit.com so you can submit your workout scores each week and see how you stack up worldwide, in your age group, in your state, etc. You can even make custom leaderboards with co-workers, friends, frenemies, whoever!


1. Hang Clean – Build to a moderate double.

2. AMRAP 17
17 RKBS 53/35
17 Hurdle Hops 20/15
17 Pushups

1. Hang Clean – Build to a heavy double

2. AMRAP 17
17 RKBS 70/53
17 Hurdle Hops 24/20
17 Pushups

1. Warm Up:
Reach Backs: 10 reps x 3 rounds
Bridge W/ Box: 10 sec x 2 rounds
Wrists Rotations: 20 reps each direction x 1 round (use light dumbbell)
Theraband Warm Up (Part 2): 10 reps each exercise

2. Handstands:
Handstand Rocks: 5 rocks w/ 3 sec hold w/ shoulders to wall on each rep x 4 rounds **find appropriate distance from wall

6 Rounds @RPE 6:
5:00 Bike
200′ OH + Suitcase Carry