We’re Back!

Phase 3 of Massachusetts Reopening officially starts on Monday, July 6th. That means we have the go ahead to open our doors to you all again!

We’ve been ready for this day for 7 weeks now. If you haven’t checked out our re-opening video, please do so here: https://youtu.be/dDTSsbDiQA0
Also, share our video with any family or friends who may have concerns or reservations about the gym.

Additionally, an academic study was just published showing that there was no COVID-19 transmission in the gym when proper distancing and sanitation protocols are followed: https://www.leisureopportunities.co.uk/news/COVID-19-SATS-STOLT-EVO-Fitness-Michael-Bretthauer-University-of-Oslo/345783
Again, share this study with anyone who may have reservations about you or them being in the gym. We are committed to keeping everyone safe!

We will be phasing into a full schedule in our facility over the next week or so. Our schedule will be up to date with what sessions are available. You can see the schedule here: https://whaling-city-fitness.triib.com/schedule/

Also, we need to get the rest of our loaned out equipment back from you guys!

However, if you are someone who needs or wants to continue to stay home a while longer, we support that and still want to help you and make sure you have a way to train. If you fall into this category, please schedule a time to talk with me this week: https://calendly.com/ejhedblom/check-in

* Must Pre-Register for all sessions. Can pre-register up to a week in advance but must cancel at least 8 hours before a session. No shows may result in a fee.
* Must Complete COVID Waiver: https://forms.gle/W9e2Cc6AmkynXD5N7
* Wear a Face Covering for entry and exit and any times when social distancing cannot be met
* Coaches will indicate everyone’s separate workout zone
* No sharing of equipment
* Sanitize all equipment after use
* Wait in/near your car until the previous session has finished and left the gym
* Check-in to Class on your Phone when you arrive.