March 16, 2015

Programs and Classes


Included in our CrossFit Memberships, athletes can attend all of the following classes to meet their fitness goals! For details on all of our Membership Options, Personal Training Packages, and Pricing, click here.

WOD Class
Our WOD Classes are the Foundation of our Fitness program here at WCCF. We offer WOD Classes 6 days a week ranging from Morning, Afternoon, and Night. All Classes are led by one of our Experienced Coaches and include a Group Warm-up, Strength or Skill Work, the Workout of the Day, and Cool Down. By participating in our WOD Classes 4-6 days a week, you will improve your fitness across all ten of the General Physical Skills: Endurance, Strength, Speed, Power, Flexibility, Agility, Coordination, Balance, Accuracy, and Stamina.

Barbell Club
Our Weekly Olympic Weightlifting Class focused on improving your Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Programming varies from Technique work, to Percentage work, to Accessory Work, to sometimes good old fashioned Max Out Sessions. Available to all Group Class Members at no additional cost.

Endurance Class
Our Endurance class is designed to specifically target and improve an athlete’s Cardiovascular Endurance, aka their Aerobic Capacity. Workouts will be lower intensity but longer than traditional CrossFit WODs. If you feel that you can never catch your breath during a workout, adding some Endurance work could be the missing piece of your training plan. Available to all Group Class Members at no additional cost.

Mobility and Recovery Class
With the crazy hustle and bustle of our lives and with trying to cram as much fitness as possible into an hour class, our Mobility and Recovery work is often overlooked. This class will be a dedicated time to spend improving our mobility and recovering from the intense workouts of the week. The programming for this class will differ from week to week based on what the week’s WODs have done to your body. In addition, you will have your individual mobility issues identified and assessed and will be taught techniques that can be used before and after WODs and at home to improve range of motion and to help your sore, stiff muscles recover. Available to all Group Class Members at no additional cost.

Strength Class
Feel like your strength is your biggest weakness? Want a time that is solely focused on getting stronger without lung bursting Metcons? Our new Strength Class is for you! While we do program a fair amount of strength work in our regular WOD classes, sometimes it can be hard to push your strength sets to the next level when you know you have a grueling Metcon happening in 10 minutes. This class will have periodized programming that focuses on getting stronger using a combination of the Power Lifts (squat, deadlift, bench, press) and Accessory Lifts. Available to all Group Class Members at no additional cost.

GOAT Class
Your GOATS are your weaknesses. Those movements and skills that drive you crazy because you haven’t yet mastered them. Whether it’s Double Unders, Toes to bar, or Muscle Ups, our GOAT Class will be a dedicated time to focus on killing your weaknesses. At the direction of a Coach, GOAT killing WODs will be custom made for each student in class. Make 2015 the year you conquer all your weaknesses! Available to all Group Class Members at no additional cost.

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