We are NOT the CrossFit down the street!

We do things different.

Jumping right into classes does not set you up for success. Group On-Ramps do not set YOU up for success.

Yes, we did those things in the past. We learned our lesson. We’ve worked and studied for years to become better Coaches and provide you with the SOLUTIONS you want!

Here’s HOW we set you up for SUCCESS:

  1. FREE CONSULTATION with a Coach where we learn about you, your health and workout history and start to build a relationship of trust with you.

  2. FITNESS ASSESSMENT - We cover everything: Flexibility, Mobility, Body Control, Movement, Core Stamina, Strength Imbalances, Cardiovascular Endurance. The results of the Assessment give us a TON of information about YOU and how we can best HELP you solve your problems and reach your goals. This gives us a Roadmap going forwards

  3. FUNDAMENTALS OF FITNESS - One on One Sessions with a Coach. Based on your Assessment, we begin to BUILD YOU UP and TEACH you all of the functional movements that take place in our gym. It's important to put in this time to get you prepared for our Classes!

  4. COACH FOR LIFE - A Partner to help guide you on your Fitness Journey. Your Coach will help with Goal Setting, perform periodic Assessments, and provide One on One training and Personalized Programming as desired.

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