December 12, 2011


What is CrossFit?
Constantly Varied, Functional Movement, performed at a High Intensity.  Head over to the About WCCF page for more details.

What does ‘Constantly Varied, Functional Movement, performed at a High Intensity’ mean?
It means that the CrossFit program consists of exercising 5 or 6 days a week, always varying the movements that are performed. And the movements (exercises) performed in CrossFit are ‘functional,’ which means that they are natural movements that the human body was designed to perform. These functional movements will improve your ability to perform the daily tasks of your job and life. ‘High Intensity’ means that once an athlete can consistently performs functional movements with the proper technique, we increase the intensity of the workout (by increasing load, rate, volume, etc). But ‘intensity’ is a relative term. ‘High intensity’ will not be the same for everyone. We scale WODs so that each athlete is performing at a relative intensity to their fitness level.

Is CrossFit for Everyone?
YES! Absolutely! Every exercise used in CrossFit can be scaled to skill/fitness level of every individual, from Grandma to Pro Athlete.

How much does CrossFit training cost?
Head over to our Pricing page for details.

Should I “get fit” before trying CrossFit?
Absolutely not! CrossFit is the most effective way to improve your health and fitness. We work with individuals of all fitness levels. If you want to “get fit,” you need to be doing CrossFit. All other exercise programs pale by comparison. The best way to train for CrossFit is to DO CROSSFIT!

What does ‘WOD’ stand for?
Workout Of the Day

What does ‘AMRAP’ stand for?
As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible

What do ‘EMOM’ and ‘OTM’ stand for?
Every Minute On the Minute / On The Minute