December 9, 2011

Getting Started

Here’s how you get started at WCFit:

1. FREE CONSULTATION with a Coach where we learn about you, your health and workout history and start to build a relationship of trust with you.

2. 3-DAY ASSESSMENT – We cover everything: Flexibility, Mobility, Body Control, Movement, Core Stamina, Strength Imbalances, Cardiovascular Endurance. The results of the Assessment give us a TON of information about YOU and how we can best HELP you solve your problems and reach your goals. This gives us a Roadmap going forwards.

3. FUNDAMENTALS OF FITNESS – One on One Sessions with a Coach. Based on your Assessment, we begin to BUILD YOU UP and TEACH you all of the functional movements that take place in our gym.

4. COACH FOR LIFE – A Partner to help guide you on your Fitness Journey. Your Coach will help with Goal Setting, perform periodic Assessments, and provide One on One training and Personalized Programming as desired.