Build Strength

No matter what sport you play, getting stronger will increase your abilities as an athlete. Our program will increase your strength in all areas.

Develop Power

Power is how you explosively express your strength. Whether you need to move yourself or another person or object, we can help develop that power.

Speed & Agility

Running, jumping, changing directions. Speed isn't only how fast you move in a straight line.


Different sports require optimizing your engine for different bouts of energy. But a good aerobic base is required for all sports. We will focus on developing all your energy systems.


You can't out train a bad diet! We will advise you on the best way to fuel your bodies, both on game day and in the off-season.

Injury Proofing

The foundation of our program is teaching safe, efficient movement that will not only build strength in your joints and connective tissues, but also reinforce movement patterns that avoid injury.

"While he is far from the biggest kid in size, he impressed both coaches and players with his strength and form which we can easily attribute to his time at your gym. He quickly earned the nickname, "Beast."

His time at Whaling City CrossFit helped him develop both a love for the gym, confidence in lifting weights and an excellent form to help him pursue his goals. I wanted to thank you and his other coaches (specifically Colin and Caleigh) for your time and work. He is definitely an example of sending kids to your program."

- Ken